Kashmir Protests in London (2014-2016)

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Recent 2014-2016 Kashmir Protests in London against the latest Indian army brutal actions, filmed by Husain Akhtar - courtesy HA Productions UK!
Kashmir is another legacy of the British Empire and a longstanding divide line between India and Pakistan relationships, needing a harmonious and sensitive approach by the global community to resolve the matter.
A snap shot of the Indian Army brutality in Indian held Kashmir against the Kashmiri Muslim community reported by the Kashmir Media Service: total killings 94,305; Women gang-raped/molested 10,169; Women Widowed 22,808 and Children Orphaned 107,550.
In the latest wave of Indian army actions in Kashmir many Muslims are killed, wounded and blinded by airgun bullets – as well as no food, water or medicine when a curfew is imposed.
The UK government and politicians are silent regarding these atrocities!
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