UN fail for Peace! WAR Crimes of Indian State in Occupied Kashmir ! Shame on India Shame on UN

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#WAR #Crimes of #Indian_ State through its local mercanaries:
#Indian #brutality
9 year old Umar Nazir lies on the bed in SMHS hospital unaware of what actually has happened to him. He was watching the protest in his hometown Rajpora Pulwama when police fired pellets on the crowd of boys protesting militant commander. He says he did not know how the pellets landed in his both eyes. But the moment pellet hit his both eyes, he says he could see only darkness. Since then it's darkness all around.

Umar has been operated for his injury to spleen caused by the pellets. The eyes are yet to be operated. I think the indian state backed local mercenaries penalised him too much for nothing. He ia still in shock. His father is a labourer by profession. If any of you want to help, you can contact me. May he regain his sight, his life soon.
#Indian Dogs
#Indian Terrorist
#bad indian
#bad management of UN
#Failed UN
#united nation failed in #kashmir #issue
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