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ISI - The Inter Services Intelligence | Silent Guardians

Home to the Free because of the Brave.

Indian Arms Shopping

‘India has become one of the largest importers of U.S. arms’.

An answer to COLD Start !

"Nasr Puts 'cold water' on 'cold start'!" COAS.

28th May Special Report

Pakistan does not harbour any aggressive designs against any state and has no hegemonic aspirations in the region. Territorial integrity, political...

The Legend of Burhan Wani

Based on true events, this short tribute is to highlight the life and sacrifice of the great Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Wani made in the...

Kings College Report on Indian Nuclear Program

King’s College London has released a critical report on Indian nuclear programme. This assessment makes India fall in the unenviable third place...

Pakistan's Credential for NSG

Pakistan's application to participate in the NSG stands on solid grounds of technical experience, capability and well-established commitment to...

Pakistan's Case for Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

The Case for Pakistan's Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership!

Pakistan never wanted to participate in nuclear race

28th May is a reminder of the struggle and great odds that Pakistan overcame to become a Nuclear Power, despite starting with a weak technological...

Children of India

It is often called India's best kept secret

Dragon on your doorstep

Pakistan has built military power and learn how to optimally utilize its military force.

Humans of India

This is what happens when humans live near Uranium Mines of India.

Inter Services Intelligence - The First Line of Offense.

The Inter Services Intelligence agency has a pivotal role in Pakistan's national security. The directorate is entrusted with conducting the most...

Indian Secret war Inside Pakistan

Reason behind "Raad ul Fasaad" operation


Along with the issue of existing arsenals, Pakistan is concerned about objectives of "FMCT" because the cut implies a mere interruption in future...

Ababeel Missile - Pakistan gains nuclear edge over India

Pakistan successfully test fired the Ababeel SSM yesterday which possesses advanced anti ballistic missile defense countermeasures and Multiple...

India - Obama and NSG

China said that admission of non-NPT signatories in the Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG cannot be a "farewell gift" for countries to give to each...

Babur-3 SLCM (Second Strike Capability of Pakistan)

Babur-3 SLCM in land-attack mode, is capable of delivering various types of payloads and will provide Pakistan with a Credible Second Strike...

Nuclear smugglers of India

India now become a center of the world's nuclear black market. The combination of fissile material and poor security greatly increases the...

Nirbhay Missile fourth failed test since March 2013.

Last year we applaud team India for proving themselves incapable to make #Babur answer, now again we applaud them well-done team Indian.It's the...

Advantages to the Balochistan province through CPEC | Zain Khan & Sabena Siddiqi

Advantages to the Balochistan province through CPEC | Zain Khan & Sabena Siddiqi | Tactical Talk

Indian Defence Deals and Warmonger Modi

مودی کا جنگی جنون ، بھارت کو خطے کے سب سے بڑا اسلحہ کا خریدار بنانے والا ہے، اسی صورتحال پاکستان کے لئے کسی بھی طور خوش کن نہیں ، پاکستان کی...

Pakistan's Nuclear Security Credential

Pakistan believes nuclear security is fundamentally a national responsibility and that states need to adopt strong measures at the national level.

Donald Trump's Foreign Policy | Zain Khan & US Army General Paul E. Vallely | Tactical Talk

Donald Trump's Foreign Policy | Zain Khan & US Army General Paul E. Vallely | Tactical Talk

Pakistan Navy pushes Indian submarine out | Zain Khan & Air Marshal (R) Masood Akhtar

Pakistan Navy pushes Indian submarine out of Pakistani territory | Zain Khan & Air Marshal (R) Masood Akhtar | Tactical Talk

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